Technical Information

BitBot is proud to offer support for the following software products:

Operating Systems – Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Windows XP, Windows 7
Email – Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution
Groupware / Calendars – Mozilla Lightning, eGroupWare, Google Apps, Zimbra
Documents – OpenOffice, AbiWord, GIMP
CRM – SugarCRM, vTiger
Accounting – GnuCash, SQL-Ledger ERP
Content Management – WordPress, Dokuwiki, Confluence
Issue Trackers – Redmine, Jira

Operating Systems – Ubuntu, Centos, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris
Email – DBMail, Postfix, Sendmail, Davecot, Fetchmail, Kolab, Zimbra
Databases – MySQL (including InnoDB), PostgreSQL, SQLite, Berkeley DB
Network Files – Samba (SMB, CIFS), NFS, Rsync, Amanda
Internet Filtering – OpenDNS, Squid, Firewalls
Corporate Directories – OpenLDAP
Internet Services – BIND/DNS, onsite email, Apache HTTP
Virtualisation – VirtualBox, Xen, Jails, JVM
System Management – Webmin, Samba Primary Domain Controller (PDC)

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

BitBot Software uses and highly recommends:
RootBSD – FreeBSD VPS Hosting