BitBot offers managed services for small businesses looking for a low-cost central server. These servers can be configured for file sharing, email hosting, intranet hosting, application deployment and as a Windows domain controller. We specialise in integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting and order fulfilment systems.

General inclusions amongst our managed services are:

  • All solutions are fully monitored and maintained by BitBot staff.
  • We provide all the necessary computer equipment and loan it to you at no extra cost.
  • All data is automatically backed-up to our secure off-site servers.
  • We don’t normally require any fixed-term contracts.
  • Support hours are included in each package.
  • Extra support hours can be provided at an hourly rate.

Firewall Server

  • Perfect for an advanced Internet firewall or a basic file server.
  • Uses consumer grade equipment.
  • Suits private, micro and small business needs.

$100 per month + GST

Basic Server

  • Perfect for a password protected server.
  • Uses either consumer or business grade equipment.
  • Suits retail, services and small office needs.

$200 per month + GST

Small Business Server

  • Perfect for more advanced server requirements.
  • Uses business grade equipment.
  • Suits manufacturing and professional service providers.

$500 per month + GST

Medium Business Server

  • Perfect for business critical services.
  • Uses rack-mount server grade equipment.
  • Suits training providers, mining services and company head-office.

$1,500 per month + GST

Corporate Server

  • Perfect for high availability and high load requirements.
  • Uses clustered rack-mount server grade equipment.
  • Suits government, public companies and critical projects.

$5,000 per month + GST

Call us on 1300 BIT BOT to discuss your business requirements with our staff.