The staff of BitBot have a breadth of experience in software development. The founders are experienced, qualified and recognised Software Engineering professionals.

The following is a sample of our work:

Drover’s Ay-One

BitBot Software wrote and maintains the Cowtag Order Management System for Drover’s Ay-One. This system processes tens of thousands of orders for livestock identification products each year. Their business manufactures products on-demand, with orders received from individuals, businesses and state governments. The software reports manufacturing data daily to the National Livestock Identification Scheme which is run by the Meat and Livestock Authority.

Cowtag Web App

McLean Automation

BitBot Software wrote the Camvnet application for McLean Automation. Camvnet consists of Internet enabled remote sites surrounded by control & monitoring stations. Stations are linked by short-haul wireless to the common ADSL site access node (the LinkMaster) for web based site management that offers remote control and monitoring via the internet.

Camvnet Graphs